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Legal notice


Legal notice is accessible in the main menu and on each online service form.

Your personal data is protected by the following safeguards :

  • Navigation is protected by Secure Sockets Layer technology. This protocol for securing internet trade secures the transport layer. The data is encrypted, online banking transactions also.

  • The site is secured against the diversion of traffic thanks to the Domain Name System Security Extensions.​

  • This site does not deposit advertising cookies, does not identify personal preferences and does not have sharing buttons on social networks.


  • The secure online payment provider is certified at level 1 of the PCI* service provider. This is the highest level of certification in the payments industry. Our operator uses the best safety tools and practices in its category to maintain a high level of security. *Acronym PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - Payment Card Data Security Standard - refers to data security standards applicable to the payment card industry, developed by the Council of PCI safety standards.

Presentation of the site

  • is used by the Cultural Association JAZZ AU CONFLUENT 3 Sente des Barils 78570 Andrésy France

  • Contact or

  • Siret 4444 219 448 000 40 | APE 9001Z Live performing arts

  • Creation : Yann MOSSET

  • Host : Wix Inc 500 Terry A François Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94158 Phone +1 415-639-9034

  • In service date :  February 20, 2019


Conditions of use of the site

The purpose of the site is to provide information on all the activities, services and services offered by Jazz in the Confluent. The information is as precise as possible. Possible inaccuracies can nevertheless be present. Site information is not exhaustive. They are given subject to modifications.

  • The internet user accepts the general conditions of use.


  • The site is accessible at any time. However, an interruption due to technical maintenance may occur.


  • Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, adaptation of all or part of the elements of the site, whatever the means or process used, is subject to a prior written request. Any unauthorized use of the site or any of the elements it contains may be considered as constituting an infringement according to the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code.

  • The site uses JavaScript technology. The user undertakes to access it with compatible hardware.

  • The display of site pages is configured for browsers whose bookmarks bar is hidden.

Conditions of use of online services

  • The opening of a personal space on the site is reserved for the eighteen user or more.


  • The booking of Place de Concert is reserved for the User eighteen or more, unless accompanied by the concert by a near, who is 18 years of age or older.


  • The subscription to the newsletter is reserved for the eighteen user or more. The subscriber authorizes us to communicate his only email address to our provider SendinBlue®.

Privacy charter of personal data

Licéity of the processing of personal data

Personal data is exclusively used by Jazz Au Confluent (the website User) for the implementation of its services and services, and if necessary to its subcontractors, within the framework of the performance of contractualized services.


A personal data is any information directly or indirectly related to a identified or identifiable natural person. Thus, a name, a postal or electronic address, a phone number, or an IP address, are personal data.


The data manager and data processor is the President. She sets the objectives and modalities for processing personal data.


The Charter answers what the personal data used, by whom, for what purposes, how, and for which durations.


  • Personal data is protected by Law No. 78-87 of 6 January 1978, Law No. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004 on the protection of natural persons with respect to personal data treatments and amending the Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computer science, files and freedoms. This directive is replaced on May 25, 2018 by the 2016/679 Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with respect to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data. and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of natural persons with respect to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data (OJ L 119 of the 4.5.2016, p.1), and Article L. 226-13 of the Penal Code.

  • In accordance with the General Regulations on the Protection of Personal Data - GDPR - the internet user concerned may request a copy of his personal data to which he has access in his personal space, the modification, limitation and deletion of his data from the database data, as well as their portability.

  • In accordance with the provisions of articles 38 and following of law 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, any internet user has a right of access, rectification and opposition to personal data concerning him.

  • The request is made on this online form, or by mail, to the attention and address of the collector of personal data, to the information located at the top of the legal notices - Item Presentation of the Site - accompanied by a copy of the double-sided identity card or passport of the requesting internet user, specifying the wishes and the address to which the answer is to be sent.

  • The site offers the clickable link "Do not sell my personal information" on the footer, in accordance with US regulations (California Consumer Privacy Act - CCPA). On personal data entry forms without a footer, a link refers to the footer of the home page that has it. The site is fully translated into English - including the conditions of use of the site and the declaration of confidentiality of personal data, in accordance with the recommendations of the site

Privacy statement of personal data

  • The personal data collected is used for internal use and for specific needs. This information is not communicated to the outside without the user's consent.

  • The personal information relating to the Internet user is collected only for the need of certain services offered on the site. It is specified whether or not to provide this information on the forms.

  • No personal information of the user of the site is published without his knowledge, exchanged, transferred, assigned or sold on any medium whatsoever to third parties.

  • Personal administrative data (non-sensitive), collected on forms, is stored on the site host's servers for customer management. They can be used for the legal period. They are used or transmitted within the limits of their attributions.

  • In accordance with laws and regulations, the internet user can define choices with regard to their management.

        * Internet users ** The website


When and why are the data used ?

  1. During navigation

  2. When using the forms - the fields mentioned with an asterisk are mandatory


The personal data collected when using the features of the site are for purposes :


  1. To receive the message of the contact forms and personal data and to answer

  2. To take into account the registration on the site and the connection to the personal space

  3. To subscribe and pay a membership

  4. To book and pay a concert place

  5. To receive the newsletter

  6. To measure and analyze the audience of the site

  7. To optimize the visitors' navigation experience


Who has access to certain personal data ?

The personal information is exclusively intended for the internal departments of the personal data collector, for the implementation of services and the provision of services, and where applicable to subcontractors, within the framework of the execution of contractualized services. Personal data is used within the limits of their attributions - if the Internet user subscribes to the newsletter, only his email address is communicated to the possible service provider (for example).

​Wix® website host. The personal data of Internet users are hosted on servers in compliance with the GDPR.

Stripe® online payment operator. Frensh Privacy Policy

Shelf life of personal data

Personal data is kept for the duration necessary for the completion of the purposes for which they were collected. The CNIL (National Commission on Informatics and Liberties) provides that the coordinates of a user who does not meet any solicitation for 3 years be deleted. It can be justified that personal data be kept for longer periods of intermediate archiving distinctly from the active base, with restricted access. Sorting is made from all the data collected to keep only the only data essential. The data thus archived can not continue to be used by operational services.

  • There is a legal obligation of data retention for a fixed period


  • In the absence of a conservation obligation, these data nevertheless present an administrative interest, particularly in the event of litigation, justifying the time of the applicable prescription / foreclosure rules.

To benefit from the online services of personal data are essential for some anonymous.

Data for administrative management and online services access purposes

To benefit from the services and benefits it is essential to use certain personal data, only the data necessary for the realization of the missions. In terms of protection of personal data, the site complies with the legislation in force in France, Europe, Brazil, California, and with countries outside the EU having an agreement with Europe. Frensh CNIL information


Registration on the site - Creating the personal area - Provider Wix


The age of majority is required. Each internet user who adheres online benefits from a personal space. It is convenient and easy to use. Its development is progressive. The site uses cryptographic hash functions to protect the information it contains.


The password is stored in the form of hash condensed. It can not be retrieved on the server for data protection patterns. It must be renewed, reset, in case of loss. The password renewal requirement link is available on the account connection form.

The pages of the personal account are private. Other internet users can not see them. They do not appear in search engine search results. A private page can not become public.


The account email address can not be changed because it subroges personal data in the database. For example, it allows the personal space to recognize, identify, online purchases on the site and archive them in private pages. It also allows the preparation of the forms when the internet user is connected to his account. To change the email address of the account it is essential to redefine an account with the new email address. The unused account is cleared from the user's database. The account login is the email address.


The online form has a checkbox for accepting the privacy policy of personal data and the general conditions of use of the site and online services by the Internet user, unchecked by default. A second checkbox, not checked by default, allows the latter to certify that he is of legal age, in accordance with the regulations in force.


The internet user receives a welcome email. 

  • Essential information - Administrative info


  1. Name

  2. First name

  3. E-mail adress

  4. Check box for privacy policy and the general conditions of sale approval.The form has a clickable link to access to legal notices.

  5. Check box to attest to the required age

  6. Automatically updated date


Personal data is kept in the host of the site. 


Connecting to personal space - Provider Wix

The account email address and password are required to access the account content. Facebook and Gmail login buttons are installed on the form. These do not collect personal information. They do not have the same functionalities as the buttons for sharing sites or events on social networks. The personal data collector and the site host do not have access to the password which is encrypted on the host's server. In the event of loss, the password cannot be recovered on the grounds of protection of personal data. It must be renewed. The renewal request is a clickable link on the account login form. You are advised to use a password that contains uppercase, lowercase, numbers and/or symbols.


  • Essential information - Administrative info


  1. The email address

  2. The password


Personal data is kept in the host of the site. 


Annual membership - Wix provider

Online membership is reserved for major people. It generates the free creation of a personal account - on the site. It is valid for one year from the subscription. The member can choose the effective date of the membership. Membership is not renewable automatically. 

  • The internet user receives a confirmation email of taking into account his annual membership

  • A few days before the deadline he receives an email to renew his membership

  • If membership is not renewed, the member receives an email to inform him of his new status


  • Essential information - Administrative info


  1. Name

  2. First name

  3. E-mail adress

  4. Check box for privacy policy and the general conditions of sale approval.The form has a clickable link to access to legal notices.

  5. Date automatically updated

  • Personal data is kept in the host of the site. 

  • Terms of Sales​​​

Reservations - Provider Wix

Reservations are open to major people. The ticket and the payment receipt - Bank Card Ticket  - are shipped to the purchaser's mailbox from the payment validated by the operator. The viewer is invited to present the smartphone version - PDF format - from the ticket at the entrance. Tickets are not sent by mail. Three days before the concert, the internet user who has booked, receives a reminder notification from the event, by email.

  • Essential information - Administrative info

  1. name

  2. First name

  3. E-mail adress

  • Automatically retained administrative information - order info and payment

  1. Firstname name

  2. E-mail adress

  3. Date and hour

  4. Control information and payment details

  5. Command reference

  6. Title of the concert

  7. Ticket reference

  8. Quantity of tickets

  9. Subtotal amount 0 €

  10. Total 0 €

  11. Paid by CreditCard

Personal data is kept in the host of the site. 

Terms of Sales


Payment of annual membership and bank card reservations - Stripe Provider

  • Essential information - Sensitive banking info

  1. Type of credit card

  2. Number

  3. Expiration date

  4. Security code

  5. Name of the owner of the card


Personal data is kept at our service provider. Stripe General Privacy Policy


Newsletter registration - Wix Provider


You must have eighteen years or more to subscribe. The aims consist of voluntary registration newsletters, and receiving information on current program. Internet users have the option to simply unsubscribe on the newsletter. The online site registration form has a check box to subscribe. A second acceptance check box of our privacy policy of personal data and general conditions of use of the site and services online by theinternet user, who authorizes, subscribing, to communicate his only address Email at provider. This box is not checked by default and not mandatory. A final check box not checked by default, mandatory, allows the internet user to attest that he has eighteen years or more.

  • Essential information - Administrative info


  1. E-mail adress

  2. Check box for approval of legal notice and transmission to a third party. The form has a clickable link to access to legal notice

  3. Check box to attest to the required age

  4. Automatically updated date

Personal data is kept in the host of the site. 


Contact form - Wix Provider


This form aims to facilitate and simplify exchanges with Internet users. The artists and technicians use it to apply. Any internet user receives an email confirming the reception of the message.This email is suitable for musicians and technicians candidates.

  • Personal information essential - Administrative info

  1. Name

  2. First name

  3. E-mail adress

  4. Message

  5. Approval check box for privacy policy of personal data and terms of use of the site and online services. A clickable link redirects to legal notice

  6. Automatically updated date

  • Optional Personal Information - Administrative Info

  1. Phone number

  2. Address

  3. Society

  4. Function

  5. Entity's website

  • The messages are kept in the secure email box of administrator account. The messages and associated responses are kept for the duration necessary for the completion of the purposes.

  • Personal data is kept in the host of the site.


Personal data request form - Wix Provider

This form aims to simplify as much as possible, the approach of the internet user with regard to his rights of access, modification, rectification, limitation, erasure and portability of his personal data.


  • The indispensable personal information is - Administrative Info


  1. Name

  2. First name

  3. Telephone

  4. E-mail adress

  5. Message

  6. Approval check box for privacy policy of personal data and terms of use of the site and online services. A clickable link redirects to legal notice.

  7. Automatically updated date

  • Optional personal information is - Administrative info

  1. Address

  2. Society

  3. Function

  4. Entity's website

  • The message is kept in the secure email box of administrator account. The messages and associated responses are kept for the duration necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes in accordance with the regulations.

Sensitive data

Secure online payment - Stripe Provider

The website uses Stripe technology, a company dedicated to Internet payment for professionals. It has a secure online payment platform. The connection to our client server is secured by double authentication. The payment transaction by credit card is secure. Bank data is encrypted to use (SSL) and rest, and are rigorously protected by separate storage on different media at our service provider. They are not registered on this site. The internet user may, if he wishes, save them in his secure personal space which he is the only one to have access, during a payment - membership and reservation. They are encrypted. The forms and payment forms of the site are pre-filled at the entry of the email address provided that they are connected to the personal space. Membership is confirmed by email comprising the invoice. The renewal of annual membership is not automatic.


  • Stripe was verified by a Payment Card Industry certified auditor and is certified at level 1 of the PCI service provider. This is the highest level of certification in the payments industry. Stripe uses the best safety tools and practices in its category to maintain a high level of security to its customers. The acronym PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - refers to data security standards applicable to the payment card industry. Developed by the PCI Safety Standards Board, the PCI DSS standard aims to reduce online fraud.

  • Stripe use HTTPS - Secure Client Customer Communication Protocol - For all services using Transport Layer Security - Secure Sockets Layer, Protocol to secure the connection and data exchange on the web. Have


  • Our operator regularly checks the details of its implementation - the certificates that Stripe sends, the certificate authorizations used and the encryptions it supports. It uses HSTS* to make sure the browsers interact with it only on https.


*Hypertext Strict transport SECURITY (HSTS) is a safety mechanism offered for HTTP, it allows a web server to declare compatible web browser, which it must interact with it using a secure connection like HTTPS - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure , literally "secure hypertextual transfer protocol" - is the combination of HTTP with a layer of encryption like SSL or TLS.


Encryption of sensitive data - bank data - and their communication

All card numbers are encrypted at rest with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines. It is not possible to obtain card numbers in clear text. Stripe's infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting card numbers runs in a separate hosting infrastructure and does not share any credentials with Stripe's primary services. When paying on our site, the personal data collected is analyzed to determine the level of risk of fraud. Depending on the results, it is possible to take security measures, prevent or even cancel transactions.


  • ​Automatically stored information - Administrative information and payment details

  1. Customer Name 

  2. Customer email 

  3. Customer IP 

  4. Invoice Id - identifiant unique attribué à une facture

  5. Order Item, Tickets Order - article de la commande​


  1. Number •••• 9999 card number partly hidden

  2. Footprint 

  3. Expires on 

  4. Card type 

  5. ID card

  6. Owner's first and last name 

  7. Address No address

  8. Origin (Country)

  9. CVC verification 

Application of the General Regulations on Data Protection RGPD/GRDP

The European Regulation 2016/679 on data protection aims to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union. Its objective is to protect the fundamental right to privacy and the protection of personal data. This regulation affects any company or website that interacts with EU citizens.


Control of his personal data by the user


  • Internet users, if they use a computer located in the European Union, receive automatically the following rights :

  • Right of access Article 15. In his personal space the internet user reaches all of his personal data he has passed on. It can receive personal data in a structured format, commonly used and readable on a computer.

  • Right of rectification Article 16. The internet user updates his personal and bank personal data himself in his personal space.


  • Right to erasure Article 17. The internet user may erase his personal data contained in his personal space. At his request, his personal data is removed from the database of the site host.

  • Right to the limitation of the processing Article 18. This article offers the possibility for the internet user who has given his consent for the processing of his data, to request the limitation of this treatment. The article details the hypotheses in which this right can be applied.


  • Right to data portability Article 20. The internet user may transmit his data to a third party if the processing is based on consent in accordance with Articles 6/1/A and 9/2/A/ RGDP. The internet user can decide to have the data concerned communicated to a person responsible insofar as this is technically and legally feasible.


  • Opposition Right Section 21. The internet user may oppose the processing of his personal data made in the context of Article 6/1/F - on the processing of data for legitimate interests.

The request is to be sent to the personal data collector at the address of the Head Office located at the top of the legal notices to item Presentation of the site, accompanied by a copy of the identity card on both sides or the passport of the requesting user, specifying the wishes and to send. Form


The delegate for the protection of personal data DPO Data Protection Officer


The personal data collector (the website User) is neither an authority nor a public body nor a company | art. 37-1.a. He do not follow the behavior of large-scale people | Art.37-1.b. He do not deal with large-scale personal data or sensitive social data defined in Article 9 EU RGPD - Treatment for specific categories of personal data | Art.37-1.c. He do not fall within the scope of the obligation to designate a delegate for the protection of personal data on reading articles. The status of association, the activities and the personal data used, do not correspond to the criteria making the designation of the delegate compulsory.

​​​The collection of the approval of the privacy policy of personal data and the conditions of use of the site and online services, the free, specific, informed and unambiguous consent


  • Online service forms collect acceptance of the personal data privacy policy and the conditions of use of the site and online services by the Internet user who has a clickable redirect link to access this page. of the site. The checkbox is not prefilled. The latter can revoke the consent at any time by using this online form dedicated to personal data. The site has been online since February 20, 2019. It is not affected by the revocation of declarations of consent issued before the entry into force of the European General Data Protection Regulation on May 25, 2018. CNIL frensh information 


  • For the subscription to the newsletter consent is required in accordance with the regulations, in order to use the email address only, and for the sole purpose of receiving the newsletter. also, the approval of the privacy policy of personal data and the conditions of use of the site and online services is requested. The subscriber can unsubscribe from the newsletter from the email received.

Use of cookies

Navigation on the site is likely to cause the cookies to install on the internet user's computer. A cookie is a small file, which does not allow the identification of the internet user, but that records information about navigating a computer on a site. The data thus obtained aims to facilitate subsequent navigation on the site. After cleaning browser navigation data, cookies are reinstalled on the next visit on the site. This action slows the display of certain pages of the site temporarily.

Personal information used for the use and for the sole needs of the personal data collector.

The site does not use advertising cookies, cookies to identify personal preferences, nor a site sharing button or events on social networks.

Some cookies require prior information and consent including


  1. Cookies related to targeted advertising operations

  2. Some audience measurement cookies

  3. Social network cookies generated by social networking buttons when collecting personal data without the consent of the persons concerned


  • The website does not use, by default, of cookies category requiring consent. The site does not adapt the contents displayed on the screens based on the personal data provided - targeted advertising, commercial prospecting. The site does not have a sharing button on social networks.


What are cookies used for ?

When the internet user navigates on the site, various cookies to recognize the computer browser are used for the duration of their validity. 


The cookies strictly necessary


  • These cookies are indispensable for the proper functioning of the website and can not be disabled by our systems. They are generally only activated in response to actions that the user performs. The user can configure his Internet browser to block or be alerted by the use of these cookies. If the necessary cookies - which do not collect personal data - are blocked, some parts of the site will not be able to operate.

Cookies of hearing measurements and technical cookies exempt from consent

  • The Webstat Audience Analysis WebStat Visits Counter uses IP in anonymically format in the European Union and no cookie is installed on computers in the European Union.

Technical cookies

  • They make it possible to adapt the presentation of the site to the display preferences of your computer - Language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc., during navigation, depending on the materials and the display software or playback that the computer has. The internet user can oppose the registration of the technical cookies of the site by configuring the settings of your browser. Some features of the site could be affected.


Adjusting cookies


The new internet user on the site or after he cleaned his navigation data gives his consent to the use of cookies to remove the cookie adjustment headband from his screen. It has a clickable redirection link to these legal notices. It has four choices - accept the default settings, set them, refuse everything, leave the headband without choosing.

  • By default only essential cookies are installed and not configurable in the site adjustment center.

  • Marketing, functional and analytical cookies are disabled by default. They are activatable.​


  • Consent or refusal require the installation of a cookie. Cookies of consent or refusal avoid the repeated appearance of the cookie management headband keeping the choices in memory. After cleaning the navigation data the headband is active again.


The site contains redirect links to other sites. We regularly check the proper functioning of these links and the content of the page of the partner site. However, we cannot guarantee that the original content will not be modified or removed - these web pages do not belong to us.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Any dispute in connection with the use of the website is subject to French law. It is made exclusive attribution of jurisdiction to the competent courts of Paris.

Update | Febrary 20, 2023

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