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   1. Rates

  2. Payments

  3. Obtaining and using tickets

  4. Access to premises

  5. Cancellation of programming

  6. Change in programming





TO BE ADENCEATED at Jazz Au Confluent, you must be up to date with your membership valid for one year, from the time of subscription.

The annual membership allows members to attend all concerts in the "Jazz Concert Season" program as a free entry.


Our membership packages are : (We offer you online transaction fees)


Basic : 30€ / 7 free concerts per year (excluding Festival)

Support : 45€ /Basic + 1 concert spot of your choice (excluding Festival)

Benefactor : Starting at 50€ (or more) / Basic + 2 concert tickets to choose from (excluding Festival)


Your membership card is to be presented at the entrance of all concerts, including during the annual Jazz En Ville festival.


We apply special pricing conditions for concerts during the Jazz En Ville festival :

As an example, we can offer formulas such as :

pass 3 concerts 35€ (booking fee offered)

Pass 2 concerts 16€ euros (booking fees offered)

At unit 8€ (booking fee offered)




IF YOU ARE NOT ADENCEATED, we will ask you for a support participation under the following conditions :


Adults: 7 euros (support voucher per concert for the program "Jazz Concert Season")

             + 0.35€ online booking fee per ticket

Under 18 accompanied : Free


We apply special pricing conditions for concerts during the Jazz En Ville festival :

As an example, we can offer formulas such as :

Pass 3 concerts 46€ (booking fee offered)

Pass 2 concerts 26€ (booking fee offered)

At unit 16€ (booking fee offered)


More information? Please use our contact form




The payment of memberships and tickets is made at our partner STRIPE, by bank card, with a secure transaction in euros. The information provided by the customer at the seizure of his bank details is encrypted securely to protect as effectively as possible all of his sensitive bank personal data.


The title of the transaction on the bank statement is: Jazz Au Confluent.

You will receive a payment confirmation (received) immediately, to the email address you have provided when entering the booking form online.

For more information, visit this page: https://stripe.com/fr/payments or check out our legal notice on your banking transactions in complete serenity.


 ! Always make sure there's a close padlock without /, in your browser's status bar.




Online sales are closed at the start of the concert listed on our website on the programming page.


In case of high traffic, we may have to no longer have seats available for sale online. In such a case, this information is provided from our programming interface.


Your tickets will be delivered to you immediately after the bank transaction has been validated, on the enamel box provided at the time of booking.


They are nominal as soon as they were purchased online on our website.


The identity on the ticket is the one you will have provided when you ordered. This means that if you buy multiple bundled tickets (in one payment), they will all be in the name worn on the online form of the order.


If you want to customize each ticket with the name of each spectator, you need to make as many payments as you want.


Tickets are not refundable or redeemable. It is necessary to check the information on tickets, fare, date, time, location, etc., in order to save you any claims after the shows.




Security checks may eventually take place before access to the theatres. Baggage and bulky items may be refused. Anyone who evades this security check may be refused.


Our concerts start on time. Out of respect for the artists and spectators, access to the theatres may be denied to late spectators. No refund or exchange can then be offered.


If the seat is numbered, it will be valid until the time indicated on the ticket. Beyond that, it will no longer be guaranteed.




In a very exceptional way, we may have to cancel a performance. Tickets will then be refunded or exchanged to attend another concert as the artists give a single performance.


The refund will be made upon presentation of the ticket during the period of one month from the date of the concert concerned by the cancellation. After this one-month period (except in exceptional circumstances), the refund cannot be made.


At the annual Jazz En Ville Festival we may have to change our programming very exceptionally.

Entries will not be exchanged or refunded. Spectators who have booked and whose contact information will be informed as soon as possible.


If a concert is interrupted after the first half of the show, tickets will not be exchanged or refunded.


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