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Bruno Charavet Author Jazz Photographer 

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Bruno Charavet, Parisian born in St Brieuc (1954), spent his childhood in a family where the photo was very present. His grandfather Nicolas Tolentin Charavet had opened a photo studio in Paris in 1860; His cadette, engineer, is also a professional riding photographer. His passion for the photo '' develops in the 1970s-1980, before a long time dedicated especially to family and vacation photos. Past on the digital as early as 1993, he had the time to forget what to forget gelatin-argental process to express themselves with the new devices. In 2010, in the southern Jazz festivals of Italy, he discovered his taste for the stage photo. Self-taught, it also benefits from the advice of its peers, including Sophie Le Roux, developing and improving personal techniques, particularly on the points of contrast and frames. Bruno Charavet is constantly looking to capture the energy and concentration of musicians.


"The deepest musicians are the ones we hear the music between the notes. There is something similar in Bruno Charavet's photos, when the angles make the musician heard as his face disappeared, when the eye is walking between two sentences. "
Alex Dutilh France Music - Open Jazz from Monday to Friday, 18h-19h.


"The photos of Bruno Charavet exercise a fascination that affects the immediate data of consciousness. Far from any artificial staging, they concentrate most of the attention available on the energy of a movement, the transmutation of the gesture with musical intention. Images that offer an unprecedented overview on an overall structure by dissociating it from the elements that compose it, detaching the shapes of their apparent contours to pare a thousand colors under a stylistic idiosyncrasy. The feeling of belonging to the resulting world is not the only surprise of a creative universe in which the beautiful East of an instrument sometimes evokes the transformation of the gold of the brass, sometimes the brilliance of an instrument String, ivory of a keyboard or matte stamp of percussion. The look of the artist and the miracle of inspiration then marry under the conquered eye of the jazz lover, immersed in a maelstrom of sensations by the show of an evanescent and sophisticated beauty, carved at the very heart of the material ".
Jean-Pierre Alenda (journalist - hot jazz).

“It is a rare gift to be a musician featured in a Bruno Charavet photo. The viewer’s eye wanders the full scope of the frame, with a steady delivery of content

Much like a great composer, there is no trademark, no recurrent feature that defines his work. He treats every photo as if it were his first and last.

An art historian could surely find commonalities with the great masters in how he deals with light, shapes, and subjects. From a musician’s point of view, I’m struck by how truly personal is each portrayal. Any musician lucky enough to find themselves in a Charavet will reflect on the honesty of their depiction: “Yes; that’s really me”.

Chris Byars (Saxophoniste, New York City).


”Great photo! Bruno is an excellent photographer who really seems to capture the emotion of the moment”.

Mark Wade (Contrebassiste, New York City).


"I first discovered your photographer's eye, then your heart, like your eye, that looks, expressions, emotions, you know how to capture. I'm always upset to see your photo reports ... These musical moments, these moments of meetings, you know how to make them alive and timeless, it's beautiful, it's moving, it's endearing ... ".Valérie Mauge Freelance - specialized in jazz and world.


Contact Bruno Charavet : facebook/brunocharavet







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